Real stories from behind the vaccines.

Ruth Bailey

Ruth Bailey, Director, Lead Clinical Scientist at Pfizer, is part of the COVID-19 clinical team. Science was her focus all the way through school and university where she studied biological sciences. She is now fiercely motivated by preventing infectious diseases rather than treating them and ultimately saving lives. Ruth is part of the team that have been working around the clock on the COVID-19 vaccine candidate and she is incredibly proud to be part of a potentially world-changing vaccine. She says, “The pandemic has had a huge impact on people all over the world, and anything we can do to help to get people’s lives back to some semblance of normality would be fantastic.” In the future, she hopes to see an even stronger focus on prevention for a range of human infectious diseases.

Anant Shah

Anant Shah, MPH, New Product Lead for Ebola and COVID vaccines at MSD, is passionate about the power of prevention through vaccination. Alongside strategic planning for potential COVID-19 vaccines, he is currently working with global partners to help establish the world’s first global Ebola vaccine stockpile as a new tool in the global fight against the virus. With his prior experience at the U.S. CDC and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, he has witnessed the immense value of vaccines first-hand. “Vaccines can be game-changers. They are some of the most powerful tools in helping save and improve lives.” he says. Anant sees the future of vaccines – especially for epidemic preparedness – as brighter than ever.